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Brightview Website


A website built for people who build. This website is meant to showcase the work and talent of a hardscape construction company who are all about quality.

Brightview is all about their quality and service. So, when creating their website, we set out to create a visual rapport that spoke of their workmanship and integrity. We created premium content, including, video, photography, and copy. Brightview’s work speaks for itself! Having a beautiful gallery style page, that also informed of their services was key in designing their specific online presence.
We got our team together, went out to their job sites and took photos of their craft. In a series of interview-style videos, we introduced them as the hardworking, honest, business partners that they are – which wasn’t hard. Brightview is a perfect example of a company that needed a fresh online presence that really let them shine. Kinda like their name would suggest.

What’s interesting about this website?

Residential landscape page: Curated gallery style service page.

Home Page: Featured sliders and Videos.

Home Page Features: Beautiful bolds photography of services.

The Brightview PREVIEW: Packaging their services of previewing a design before it is set in stone.

Brightview Construction Brand Management

  Brightview Construction

Brightview Videos


Create videos that illustrate the integrity and quality workmanship of Brightview Construction.