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Ideas are delicate things that refuse to come unless worked for, and must be refined like a fine wine; too blunt and it carries no value, too subtle and it misses making an impact.

Ideas must be generated with an inclusive approach with both client & agency, so the consumer is given a full and robust creation that they come to understand on their own. By guiding the consumer to their own realization of your product’s/service’s value, the idea is part of their brand management thought-process and they assign a special meaning to it…and that is how you make an impression.

Ideas & Fusion: Striking the Spark
Branding: Fake it at your Own Risk

People like to use ‘brand’ as a buzzword, and after a while nobody can tell what actually means. What is a brand, and why spend the time and the money developing it? We do understand this part of brand management.

It’s actually pretty simple. Take all the hard work and grit you put into your business, how you train your staff to provide superior service, how awesome your product or service is, and how you value your customers’ business; now add them together, and there’s your brand.

Your brand is a collection of everything to do with your business, and people look at it the same way as they look at other people. Brands can be good, bad, valuable, or worthless depending on who drives them and who communicates them.

The ‘Why?’ Game

Every kid (& exhausted parent) knows this one; just keep asking ‘why?’ to everything you’re told, and see where it takes you. Irritating, right? Well, we think it’s the beginning of genius.

Knowing all the information you can (from any source you can) is what ideas are all about; challenging the common wisdom to prove why we should listen, is how you test those ideas. Our process of research & investigation is exhaustive, and it gets results time after time. Find out why people care about what you do, and then share that value with them as often as you can.

All of this from a child’s game…so go ahead and be a little childish. We won’t tell.

Truth is the New Black

Advertising is changing; this isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. The days of making promises you can’t keep are over.

Consumers are far more savvy about what they buy, and who they buy it from. News travels at the speed of opinion through our digital world, and honesty is now officially the best policy. If a brand is caught deceiving its customers, there are plenty of competitors waiting to pounce, and plenty of ways for consumers to warn each other (*cough* Social Media *cough*).

The easiest brand to be is yours; authentically and without any small print. We can help you find out what’s incredible about your business, and then tell the world through a staggering variety of media. It’s what we do.

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